Franchini born 1959 in Oporto, is part of the late genaration motivated by a “estado novo” new state regime. He had an intence artistic and civic action culminating with the 25th of April(Portuguese revelulotion).

He founded his first gallery, the Franchini’Galeria in Miguel Bombarda and then with four friends at AP’Arte Galería on the same street.

He was one of the founders of Oficina 2000 & 5, a space dedicated to the creation of ceramic and sculpturres.

He is a member of ANAP-National Association of Fine Artists of Portugal, was Cultural Director for Portugal of APAP-SP Professional Association of Fine Artsts of São Paulo, currently Director for Portugal of UP Arte-Brazil.

At the moment it is divided by its workshops of Porto and of São Paulo, also realizes curations for several Galleries and Museums. He was invited to participate in some Biennials, has regularly exhibitions in Portugal and abroad, in Galeries Cultural centers and Museums.

He was considered the international artist of the year 2012 by PubliTime Editora – São Paulo – Brasil,

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