Georg Scheele

Notes on the works of Georg Scheele by Art historian Jürgen Raap

Georg Scheele is a trained stonemason and this professional experience continues to shape his work as a sculptor. Because just like his sculptor colleague Ulrich Rückriem, who also completed a stonemason apprenticeship, and whose material experience with breaking and splitting a stone substantially determines the artistic expression, Georg Scheele too is constantly pushing the “limits of the possible”: Sculpting (the German term is: “Bildhauerei” = “image chopping/beating”) in the exact sense of the word means, as is generally known, a removal of material. During the work process the basic structure of the stone, i.e. the inherent power, the hardness or the resistance of the material and the artists previously outlined idea of form meet each other.

But for the work to „succeed”, as well in the aesthetic as in the practical sense, the artistic will to form and the material properties must be compatible with one another. The sculptor lives through a permanent conflict between his ideas of form and his mental state on one side, and the physical properties of the material on the other side. Georg Scheele: “Following my mental images, my forms stand for treading the transitional boundary between inside and outside, body and soul and show intuitively shaped atomic structures, for which I had not even sought”.

Thus, the process of making is consequently described as a “dialogue” between artist and rock mass. Each artist, painting a picture with an emotional intensity increased almost into the ecstatic, or working on the stone plastic with the highest degree of concentration and seriousness, always does this with the absolute will to transcend his previous achievements and the art-historically known in an innovative way. An artist must therefore also have a profound knowledge of art history, as only through that he can ultimately understand his own time slot and may conduct his own stylistic and conceptual demarcations for his work.

Exhibitions in Germany

* 1985 Dresdner Bank, Wiesbaden

* Bund Bildender

* Künstler-Karmeliterkloster,Frankfurt

* 1986 Galerie Moering, Wiesbaden

* 1988 Galerie Moering, Wiesbaden

* 1989 Dresdner Bank, Wiesbaden

* 1989Sculptur-Symposium, Mainz

* 1990 Galerie Preutenborbeckshof, Essen

* 2006 Galerie Winter Wiesbaden/Germany

Exhibitions in Portugal

* 1992 Galeria Trinidade, Lisbon

* 1992 Galeria Caixa de arte, Porto

* 1993 Galeria Sobreiro, Monchique

* 1994 Galeria Art-Contakt, Lagos

* 1998 Galeria C. C. de Sao Lorenco

* 2000 Galeria C. C. de Sao Lorenco

* 2003 Galeria C. C. de Sao Lorenco

* Galeria Sao Mamede Lisbon/Portugal

* 2006 Galeria C. C. de Sao Lorenco

* 2007 Galeria Sao Mamede / Porto

* 2008 Galeria Sao Mamede Lisbon/Portugal

* 2009 Galeria C. C. de Sao Lorenco

* 2011 Feira de Arte Lisboa com Galeria Sao Mamede

* 2012 Galeria Arte Catto Algarve

* 2013 Galeria Ap´Arte / Porto

* 2014 Arte Marina de Lagos

* 2015 Galeria ArteCatto / Loule

* 2016 Galeria Ap´Arte / Porto

* 2017 Galeria Sao Mamede Lisbon/Portugal

Exhibitions in England

* 1999 Stenton Galerie/ Edinburgh

* 2007 Galerie Robert Bowman/London

* 2010 Gallery Robert Bowman : San Francisco 20th Century Fair

Exhibition in Sweden :

* 2009 Galerie Arte Veritas / Gotenbourg


* 1989 Sculptur-Symposium Mainz

* 2005 International sculpture Simposium Dubai

* 2006 4th International sculpture Simposium Hue/Vietnam

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