Marie Sulac

Contemporary French painter belonging to the current of lyrical abstraction.
A student of Applied Arts and Crafts in Paris, she quickly finds her own expression in this movement.
She spends much of her life in “Le Midi de la France” at the foot of the Sainte Victoire mountain, dear to Cezanne.
She paints her first abstract paintings not in the rational but in the emotion of the moment, in a gesture accentuating the contrasts, widening the space in a rhythmic interference of the planes where the white dominates.
Always looking for new graphic experiences, she develops and unravels a set of research and techniques.
Everything becomes movement in a dynamic and transparent.
She participates in various exhibitions and events.
In search of the essential, it is the beginning of a long adventure which will lead her to settle in Brazil.
It is in this incredible country that she will find her definitive inspiration.
She will seek to produce monumentality, ranging from linear projection of colors on the canvas to more or less ample brushing.
Lyrical abstraction is experienced as an opening to the personal expression of the artist.

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